Hello, I’m Jilly, owner, team member and professional tea maker here at Fairfield Property.You will be hearing more from me going forward as we talk about how we at Fairfield Property are able help you manage your rental portfolio. I will introduce you to some of the great people we have working with us and assist you with your property to maximise your investment.

Firstly, I would like to give you a brief insight into the ethos of Fairfield Property and myself, I have always been keen to learn the ropes and follow in my father’s footsteps into the property sector. Dad spent many a day at sea and in turn growing up we have lived a life of property, boats, building restoration and renovation.With that in mind our branding was designed to incorporate the outline of a ship.

We take pride in providing a local, personal, and professional service to our clients in all aspects of property management, with a varied portfolio of Residential and Commercial properties, we build strong relationships with both landlord and tenant reaffirming our commitment to “Helping you live better”. Our team go the extra mile for our clients, and we strive to attract, recruit, and retain the best.

When it comes to our business, our reputation is built on trust and integrity. It is what gives our clients, colleagues, and investors the confidence to work with us. Our commitment to acting honestly, with integrity and always with our clients’ best interests at heart, and why it is the foundation stone of Fairfield Property that we all stand on.

We have created a management company capable of achieving those commitments and one that also offers a professional yet friendly service.